Week 2 (29/04/19)

This week in English we have continued with our topic ‘Superheroes’. We have finished off our character profiles, making sure that we’ve included really interesting adjectives and superlatives. We also started planning superhero stories. We had to think about the setting, who the enemy will be, the problem and a resolution.

At the beginning of the week in maths we learnt about shape patterns. We had to identify the pattern of the shapes e.g. triangle, triangle, circle, and also look at whether they had turned a ¼ or a ½ turn clockwise or anti-clockwise. Later in the week we moved onto problem solving. We looked at word problems that already had the answer; our job was to show the working out which would get to the same answer.

In science we have started looking at life cycles. We have begun with the life cycle of humans, thinking about the different stages of development. We talked about the things that we used to need help with that we can now do independently; what we would like to be when we’re an adult and what hobbies we might do when we are elderly.

In art we painted a sky coloured background ready to create superhero pictures next week. Next week we will add a cityscape using newspaper to create towers and sky scrapers. Then we are going to add a flying superhero. We’re looking forward to showing you the results!

Have a great weekend,

From the Class Two Team

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