Week 2 (29/4/19)

The SAT’s prep is going very well in deed, and even if we sat the exams today, the class would be more than okay. Stress levels seem negligible but all the children seem increasingly confident in their abilities. Perfect with another week still to go.

The wider curriculum has continued well with no perceivable narrowing of focus on account of the SAT’s.

The new scientific topic has begun well. This week we the children carried out a genetic simulation in which they investigated how genetic material from two parent figures is passed on to their offspring. Through the simulation they were able to get a good grasp of  variation and why sometimes family member look more or less like each other, and how traits may be more dominant across generations.

We had a broad start to the history topic too, trying to place the following in a chronological order:

Saxon invasion, Norman invasion, Roman invasion, Wallingford castle construction, The First Civil War, Viking invasion, Little Whittenham Fort, King Charles.

How did you get on?


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