Week 3 (11/03/19)

This week in English we have continued to read our abridged version of The Secret Garden. We all really enjoyed the part of the story where Mary entered the secret garden and we have been thinking carefully about how life in Yorkshire is changing Mary. This week we have been recapping our grammar work on adjectives and adverbs. We have also had a go at using conjunctions to compare ideas and we will be using these in our writing next week. Towards the end of the week we watched the very beginning of the film version of The Secret Garden and we have started to think about a piece of writing that will compare the opening of the book and the film.

In maths we completed our work on compact formal multiplication. This work has really shown where children need to learn their times tables. Please continue to rehearse these at home and use Times Table Rockstars in short bursts. Later in the week we started to learn about division and we will be continuing with this next week.

We have been continuing with our Engineering project. We have started to write a letter to go with the diagram of our invention which explains why we think the idea would help to solve a community/ world problem.

In geography today we revisited features of a river and we looked in more detail at meanders. We learnt how meanders are formed and how they change over time. Next week we will learn about how ox bow lakes are formed and we will be returning to China to start looking at the Yangtze River.

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