Week 3 (11/03/19)


We are well underway with our research into metaphors and similes as we build up towards our next composition. In class, we are analysing different texts including poems to establish what impact this level of description has and what strategies there are for creating them. By exploring them on a deep level we have established that there is more to this than just throwing down the first idea. We will be studying the impact of specific vocabulary, stylistic writing and making sure that the verbs in the clause and the metaphor agree with the image.

Should be an interesting week or two. Looking forward to seeing the results.


The arithmetic is going very well. The children are looking far more confident not only with the different techniques, but also with their ability to [perform under pressure.

We have evolved the concept work into measures. The focus at the moment is on converting between different units such as seconds and hours, or cm and km. Next week we will get deeper into the problem solving aspects before we head out the other side into area and perimeter.

Cultural Reference Point Friday

It’s the 60’s. Going to be here for a while because there is so much to cover: the Vietnam War, Woodstock, The Rolling Stones, The moon landings, Concorde. There’s so much. This afternoon was Elvis – Suspicious Minds live from Las Vegas, ending with Dusty Springfield, Son of a Preacher Man. Culture all the way.

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