Week 3 (12/11/18)

This week we have been investigating newspapers and the features of newspaper reports.  We looked at lots of examples to find headlines, columns, captions and direct speech then we discussed the purposes of these features.  After practising writing headlines of our own, we thought about what people at the time might have told reporters about their experiences during the Fire of London and then planned our own newspaper articles about the Great Fire; we will be continuing to write these next week.

In maths we have turned our attention to money.  The children have been recapping the names and values of all the coins and notes. Looking at different selections of coins and notes, we found the total amount shown and compared amounts using our greater than, less than and equals signs.

In science, we have been using a table to record our findings about which materials can be bent, squeezed, squashed or stretched.  On the computers this week we used Tux Paint to create Fire of London or firework pictures using a range of paintbrushes and tools.

Christmas is getting ever closer so we have started practising the songs for our Christmas performance.  The children have also brought home their Christmas card designs and order forms this week, so don’t forget to look for those in book bags.

Have a great weekend,

From the Class Two Team

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