Week 3 (17/6/19)

This week in English we have continued to listen to the book ‘Wild’. We have used the setting of the story as the basis for our own writing. We have had to think really carefully about all the different things we might see, hear or smell in a forest/jungle setting. We then had to put our ideas into detailed sentences to help build a picture in the reader’s mind. We needed to make sure we used adventurous and accurate adjectives; that we started our sentences using adverbial phrases; that we organised our ideas clearly and that we used the present tense.

In maths we have been revisiting lots of different concepts and ensuring that we are using effective strategies to solve calculations and word problems. We have focussed particularly on the 4 operations (+ – x and ÷) statistics (bar graphs and pictograms) and reading scales.

Today we had a brilliant session in the Science Dome. We found out lots of really interesting facts about humans and other animals. Ask us to tell you all about it – it was great fun!

In D.T we have continued to look at moving pictures. This week we focussed particularly on wheel mechanisms. We created our own pictures which had a changing part due to our wheel mechanisms.


Have a great weekend,

From the Class Two Team

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