Week 3 (20/9/19)


We are spending some time at the moment deepening some basic skills. With tables looking more thorough and rapid we have moved into and through some higher multiplication skills that allow us to rapidly multiply double digit numbers by single digits, laying the important groundwork for efficient formal methods later in the term.

In the main concept work we have dissected rounding as a skill with a particular focus on avoiding mistakes rather than just achieving a solution.



We have begun to take a deep look at author’s style and the sort of skills that they use when creating a text. Through this research we are developing reading skills, especially inference and learning how to develop an answer more coherently. Meanwhile, we are learning how to correctly structure an analytical text by using a more efficient plan as the core to our thinking. The last couple of days have seen us analyse the introduction in much more detail, building it around a suggested problem that then needs to be questioned.

We are covering a lot of ground with our spelling work. Having covered some quirky spellings and hopefully proved that there is no such thing as a bad speller, we are starting to move into some rules which can be applied more generally, starting with the ‘-ible’ and ‘-able’ suffixes.


Some other subjects

In science we have established that the heart and lungs act in unison within the circulatory system, and are beginning to plan our first experiment. In history we have begun to look at the time period around WWI, and have a better understanding of where the war took place. Recently, we have begun to look at why the war moved into the trenches and are ready to investigate what life was like in them.


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