Week 3 (20/9/19)

In English this week we have been working on planning, writing and editing a description about the city in The Promise. We have been trying to use imaginative adjectives as well as remembering to identify the subject and verb in all of our sentences. In reading, we have been thinking about why the young thief wanted to steal the old lady’s bag. We had to carefully use the evidence in the text and not just base our ideas on the picture on the front cover!

In maths we have continued to work on place value. We have been looking at a range of numbers with up to 4 digits and identifying what each digit represents. We have also been solving ‘guess the number’ problems using clues about place value. In our fluency sessions we have been mainly focusing on different strategies for subtraction and number bonds to 100.

During our history lesson this week we continued to learn about Mayan life. We looked at pictures of foods that the Maya ate and the ways that they farmed. We worked in groups to ‘think like historians’ and discuss what the pictures might tell us. We found out that maize was really important to the Maya and it formed much of their diet. We also looked at farming methods that were used to overcome problems such as mountainous land and fields that were too wet.

Well done to all children who have been working hard at home to learn their spellings and time tables. Home Learning books have been returned to the children. Please try to hear your child read aloud as often as possible, thank you.

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