Week 3 (21/01/19)

This week we have continued looking at Traditional tales, concentrating on “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”.

In PE we dramatised the story concentrating on how each character looked and felt.  There were some very fierce ogres.

In Literacy the children have each written a simple sentence, from the story, in a speech bubble. We learnt that the sentence had to be something spoken by a character.

Our new “tricky words” are “he & “she”. Please help your child to learn these words that cannot be sounded out.

In maths we have been looking at weight, using language heavy/light, heavier/lighter/ heaviest/lightest and balance/the same. The children have been learning to use the appropriate language when comparing the weight of two items.

Next week we will continue with our Traditional tales theme, concentrating on “The Three Little Pigs”. If you have a version of this tale at home, please bring it in to school. The children love listening to different versions of the same story, looking for similarities and differences.

Our box of spare clothes is very low at the moment. If your child has borrowed an item of clothing from Class R, please return it.

Finally, please ensure that all of your child’s items of clothing, including hats, scarves & gloves, are clearly named. We have quite a selection of odd gloves!

The Class R team

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