Week 3 (22/11/19)

We had a brilliant start to the week with our class trip to the Earth Trust. We were lucky enough to visit during the archaeological dig and got to see this in action and speak to one of the archaeologists. The children also then took part in artefact handling, den building, making fire and making clay pots. We are going to build on what they learn throughout our topic lessons and are also starting to look at recounts in English so we can write a recount of the day.

In Maths we are continuing with column subtraction. If you would like to see how we teach this in class please ask one of us and we will happily go through the method with you.

In English this week we have been finishing our diary entries and starting to look at the key features of recounts and some good examples so we can plan and write our own next week.

In Science we are continuing with our subject of plants.  We are looking at what plants need to grow.  We are developing some experiments to see how much air, water, sunlight, nutrients from the soil, room to grow and suitable temperature they need.

We are looking at information texts in guided reading.  We are particularly looking at the Stone Age as it’s our topic. If you have other information texts it would be great if your child could bring them into school so we can make comparisons.

We are working hard in class to practice our words and songs during the school day but any time you could spend on this at home would benefit the children greatly. If you are struggling to find any parts of the costumes for the play please come and speak to us and we can see if we are able to help.

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