Week 3 (22/11/19)

This week in English and reading we have continued to read ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’. We have continued to work on carefully using the text to ask and answer literal ‘who’ and ‘what’ questions. We have also been working on writing informal letters from Lalchand to Lila. In our letters we have been using pattern of 3 for description or action and we have also been using the adjective questions to modify nouns.

In Maths this week we have been working on addition where exchange is needed. We used place value counters to show what happens to the numbers. Later in the week we moved on to representing these calculations in a formal written method. Next week we will be continuing with this and then working on subtraction.

In history this week we completed our work on the Maya. We returned to our original question and thought about answering ‘What was the greatest achievement of the Maya?’ In order to do this we had to think carefully about what the question meant and about what was significant about the achievement for the Maya civilisation. Most of us thought that either the trading/ trade routes or the number system were the greatest achievement.

Please continue to support your child to learn their lines for the Christmas performance. The stage is up so we are ready for more rehearsals!

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