Week 3 (24/1/20)

This week in our topic work we finished writing our information texts about children at home in Victorian times.  Our success criteria included using conjunctions to link ideas, starting our sentences in different ways and writing in the past tense.  We used feedback from the adults to check and improve our work at various stages along the way.  Ask us about what we did well and what we can do to make our next piece of writing even better than this piece.

In maths we have started to learn about fractions.  We have learned that ½ is one of two equal parts – if we split something in half then both parts will be equal.  We looked at lots of different representations and decided which showed a half and which did not, using our maths vocabulary to explain how we knew.  We also found half of different quantities, for example ½ of 14 apples, ½ of 26 pencils. Later in the week we started to learn about quarters being 1 of 4 equal parts.

Our RE topic this half term is about the different ways people celebrate new year.  We discussed some of the traditions in countries where they celebrate the new year on December 31st before learning about how New Year is celebrated by the Chinese.  Chinese New Year begins on January 25th so we learned about some of the traditions and the ways that people will be celebrating this week.  We made our own Chinese lanterns and Callum brought in some traditional Chinese New Year decorations and a wonderful Chinese dragon for us to look at.

On Wednesday we had a fantastic trip to Reading Museum to learn about Victorian schools and the jobs children did in Victorian times.  The children were able to experience life in a Victorian classroom, dressing up in Victorian clothes, writing with ink pens and listening to a very strict teacher!

Thank you for helping your children with the reading homework this week.  As a school we are really focused on improving reading skills and, in particular, developing children’s vocabulary.  We will be sending maths skills homework this week and from then on the children will have a piece of reading (or English skills work) and a piece of maths homework each week. Please note that the reading homework will be discussed in class, where we will give feedback to the children, so there will not usually be marking comments on it.

Have a great weekend,

From the Class Two Team

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