Week 3 (24/1/20)


In maths this week, the children have been focussing on multiplication and division skills. We have been moving from the concrete equipment to the more abstract application of times tables. This will lead into formalising the methods used for speed and accuracy next week.


We have learned to use a number of grammar features over the past week, such as relative clauses and modal verbs. The children have been applying these to their persuasive letters, and have produced some very good arguments for what they would like to see happen in school.


In history, the children have been looking at the Ancient Greeks and have been comparing Ancient Greek democracy to the modern day. We have also been looking at the beliefs they had and the gods upon Mount Olympus.


The children must be practising their times tables this week. Homework will be discussed in class on Monday. Cycling proficiency has been organised and will be taking place during the first week back after half term. More information will follow next week.

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