Week 3 (24/1/20)

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Last week the children began their theme ‘I wonder..’ The children asked different questions about the world such as ’Where does water go when it goes down the drain?’ and ‘How do volcanoes work?’. We began answering their questions. This week the children made volcanoes using bottles,  newspaper and PVA glue, the children  then painted the volcanoes and on Friday the children created explosions using bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid and vinegar. It was very exciting!

In maths last week the children learnt about 3d shape. They used language such as flat, circular, curved, surface and edge to describe 3d shapes such as a cube, cylinder, cuboid, cone, sphere, and triangular prism. At home you could try and find these different shapes in the environment and encourage your child to describe them.

This week in Maths the children are beginning to learn about subtraction. We have talked about the meaning of subtraction. Taking away a given number of objects from a group. You could help at home by asking if we take away/ subtract how many do we have left? What will happen if I take away…?

In phonics, the children have been learning the grapheme “sh, ch, th and ng”. The children had these new sounds as flashcards in their bookbag this week. You can help by playing with these at home. The children have been reading these digraphs in words and learning how to write the words “the, no, go I and to”.

We are sharing the story Mrs Armitage on Wheels. We have made predictions about the story and talked about what an invention is. We invented useful ideas her roller-skates, drew and labelled our ideas.

Next week the children will write instructions about how to make a volcano,  using photographs we have taken this week.

This week please remember to chat, share books and encourage your child to read their reading book to you. Have a great weekend,

The Foundation Stage Team


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