Week 3 (6/5/19)


In Maths, we have continued to practice measuring and drawing angles. Today, we were put into pairs and went out onto the playground. We took it in turns to be blindfolded and directed by our partner, using degrees, towards cones on the ground. Everyone had to know their right from their left, and how far to turn depending on the size of the given angle. The pair with the most amount of cones won.


In English, we have continued with our own versions of Greek Myths. We have been making sure to add varied subordination throughout our work and use less speech as this can sometimes sound too ‘Biff and Chip’.


We have been looking at plurals – when to add ‘s’, ‘es’, ‘ies’ or other (such as ‘ren’ for ‘child’).


We have been learning about the Anglo Saxons. Though their punishments were gruesome, they may not have been as gruesome as the Romans! We found out that they too had a similar constitution to our police force for today. However, this was carried out within families or groups of people called a Tithing. We had a go at being in Tithings and chasing the criminal who stole; then, after capturing them, we brought them to court.


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