Week 3 (6/5/19)

In English this week we have continued to read ‘The Wolves in the Walls’. Having finished writing our own stories we found out what happened in the book after the wolves had come out of the walls. We identified the connections that the author makes in the book such as how the wolves are eating the jam that mother had made. We have also been continuing with our learning about prepositional phrases. We have been experimenting with using prepositional phrases in our own sentences as adjectives to modify the subject. Next week we will be planning and writing another story so that we can continue to rehearse the grammatical features.

In maths we have been continuing with our fractions work. We have been adding and subtracting fractions where the denominators are the same

e.g. 3/8 + 4/8 = ?                          10/12 – 8/12 =   ?

On the subtraction calculations we learnt how to represent the problem on a bar model.

Today we continued with our history topic about disease and medicine though time. We have started to think about the impact that the Black Death had on Britain. To start us off, we looked at evidence pictures based around 4 key questions –

  • What did medieval people think caused the Black Death?
  • What actually caused the Black Death?
  • What were the symptoms of the Black Death?
  • How was the Black Death treated?

Later in the lesson we looked in more detail at the treatment of the Black Death and we investigated what options people who were suffering had. We will be continuing with this work next week.

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