Week 3 (6/5/19)

This week we have been planning our own superhero stories and thinking about what makes an effective plan.  We wrote success criteria for our stories and started writing the opening and build-up sections.  Within our writing we are trying to include enough detail to engage the reader and we are still practising starting our sentences in a range of different ways.

In maths we have continued to solve a range of multi-step word problems, thinking carefully about what calculations are needed in order to get to the answer, what we can draw or write to represent the problem and how we can check our work.

We’ve been enjoying creating the painted backgrounds for our cityscapes in art and this week we will be adding a superhero to our picture!

It has been lovely to see all the pictures of the children when they were babies. If you haven’t yet sent one in then there is still time – we would really like to have one of everyone if possible.  This week we have started trying to guess who is who from the pictures and we’ve been discussing how we have all changed since we were babies.

In ICT, we started filming on the ipads for our films about Crowmarsh School which we planned last week.  We have lots of clips which we will spend the next few sessions editing, re-filming and stitching together to make our films.

Have a great weekend,

From the Class Two Team

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