Week 4 (13/5/19

This week we continued to write our superhero stories, making sure that we were responding to any feedback we had been given. We had to think really carefully about the success criteria and make sure that we were writing in well organised paragraphs, including a question for the reader, starting our sentences in different ways, using the adverb and adjective questions, and varying our sentence length for effect.

In maths we have continued to look at using a range of strategies to solve problems.  We then worked in pairs create our own word problems with an answer between 1 and 100. Some of them were quite challenging!

Thank you for all the lovely baby photos. We have had great fun trying to guess who each baby was. We discovered that it was very hard to work out who the newborn babies were as they had changed so much since then!

In science this week we had a great time working with Class 4 to carry out some experiments. We were investigating whether the people with the longest legs could jump the furthest and whether the people with the longest arms could throw the furthest. Ask us to tell you about the results.

In art we looked at an artist called Roy Lichtenstein, who creates comic style pop art and sculptures. We had a go at colouring a comic style word in the same way as Lichtenstein might, and then created our own onomatopoeic pop art word.


Have a great weekend,

From the Class Two Team

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