Week 4 (13/5/19)

In English this week we have continued with our work using ‘The Wolves in the Walls’. We have been writing our own stories based on what the family would do having decided that they don’t want to live at the bottom of the garden anymore. Throughout our writing, we were thinking about following our next steps and making sure that our writing was better than the last piece. In reading, we have been exploring the characters thoughts and feelings about being in the garden.

In maths this week we have been continuing with fractions. We have been positioning fractions on a number line and then trying to find the difference between two fractions. We have also been completing various fluency tasks including solving problems involving money.

This week in history, we have been continuing to learn about the Black Death. On Wednesday, we looked at data showing how the population of Europe steadily increased over the 12th and 13th centuries but then fell following the Black Death. We compared this data to how the population of China changed over the same time period. At the end of the lesson, we played a game to learn about the different ways that someone might try to receive treatment for the Black Death. Then we found out who had survived and who had died.

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