Week 4 (140

In English this week we have continued to read ‘Stig of the Dump’ and we have been thinking about the break in at Granny’s house. In our groups, we created story maps to show the events that happened. We have also looked at examples of police reports and identified the features of this style of writing. On Thursday, we all started to plan our own police report about the robbery, we will be writing these next week. In reading, we have focussed more on the next part of the book and we have been discussing the fancy dress party that the children go to.

In maths, we have completed our work on decimals. We finished off this unit of work by learning about dividing numbers by 100 to give decimal answers and we also looked at ordering sets of decimal numbers. Next week we will be starting work on time.

On Monday, we continued to research a particular scientist, doctor or nurse who made a key medical discovery in the past or was particularly influential in their work. Next week, we will be starting to plan how we can use this information in an iMovie trailer.

Today we all had a wonderful sports day. We all really enjoyed participating in the events and cheering everyone on, well done to everyone! Thank you to everyone who helped organise the day and to all parents who came to support us.

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