Week 4 (23/01/17)


We have been exploring fractions even further and verging onto percentages. So now we are able to find a percentage of a number as well as a fraction of a number.




These photos explain exactly what we have been doing to our piece of writing, a Goyl stares at the Dark Fairy, using the style of Cornelia Funke. As you can see, once our piece is finished we do a self-evaluation and a self-assessment. This helps us to see where we can make improvement and where we have been successful in our writing.




We have all been putting into practice the complex grammar rules that are now becoming more confidently understood.

This is helping us to write better sentences because we know what each job the words have so we can put in a wider range of sentence types and vocabulary.

 History & Geography

We have been drawing a cross section of the Earth showing subduction.  Subduction is when one tectonic plate is being pushed below another.  This is one of the ways volcanoes are formed.  All the organic material that was on the ocean floor now is becoming the new mountain.  This is why we see different layers of colours on rocks and cliff faces. The volcanoes are formed by trapped water, which gets boiled and creates pressure that melts the mantel.  Magma pushes its way up through to the mountains creating a highly explosive volcano.

  1. Tectonic plate is being pushed below or subducting.
  2. The sea floor is being scraped off forming mountains.
  3. Trapped gasses and water are forming pressure melting the asenosphere (top layer of the mantle) forming magma.
  4. Magma pushes trough the lisosphere (top layer of the crust) creating a volcano.


We have been creating more details on our ebooks using book creator.

 Year 5 exercise books PLEASE PLEASE TAKE US HOME…..

They have all gone home – thank you. It was considered as a ‘random act of kindness’ to Mrs H!

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