Week 4 (24/06/19)

This week class one have been learning about place value of numbers up to 100. The children have been exploring the vocabulary and learning about ones and tens proving how we know them. We have also been recapping how we need to add using number bonds to ten. The children have used number lines to make jumps to add by making ten first.

In writing and phonics this week we have been focusing on spelling learning the rules using the suffix ‘ed’ in word and how they change the meaning of the words. We have also been learning to use a story mountain to plan our stories about dinosaurs.  We have then used the technique of storytelling to tell our stories and then mapped the stories using pictures.

In History the children enjoyed a visit from Matilda. The enjoyed writing diary entries about what it felt like to live in a castle prison. We enjoyed learning about a historical time line and how different things happen within a time period.

For science the children that bought in pictures of their grass monsters really enjoyed sharing them with the class. We have been speaking lots about what plants need and how to grow the healthiest plants.

A gentle reminder to all parents about our school trip, if you have not yet given the permission slip, please sign the forms and return them as soon as possible.

Thank you

Miss Rahman

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