Week 4 (24/06/19)

To start the week, in English, we planned and wrote recounts about our fantastic visit to the Explorer Dome. We wrote in the past tense and took care to sequence our ideas in chronological order, using time conjunctions to help us. Later in the week we returned to our ‘Wild’ text and read the next part of the story.  Using drama, we explored the different characters’ thoughts and feelings at a key point in the story.  We then planned a letter to two of the characters, which we will write next week, to let them know our opinions and offer them advice about what to do next.

In maths, we have been interpreting tally charts and pictograms using the correct mathematical language to describe our findings. For example:  ‘the most popular colour was…’; ‘5 more people chose red than yellow’; ‘the least common mode of transport was…’ On Tuesday, we walked to the main road to create our own tally charts to show the different types of vehicle that went past – we had to record our tallies quickly and remember to group them in 5s. Later in the week we looked at pictograms where each symbol represented 2, 5 or 10 rather than just one.  We had to look carefully at the key before we could interpret the information shown.

Thanks to everyone who came to cheer us on at sports day; we had a great time and hope you all enjoyed watching!

Have a great weekend,

From the Class Two Team

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