Week 4 (27/9/19)


This week we have been taking a deeper look at subtraction techniques. Whilst the class are fairly proficient at using column techniques, my focus is on the ‘numberiness’ of the process, being more versatile with the calculations, enabling faster mental work. This shouldn’t take too long to establish and as a principle and we will soon move into multiplication, but it will take longer to embed this thinking as part of everyday practice.



We are deep into our first full composition. The main focus remains that of structure; how to plan effectively and how to use that plan to create a detailed introduction. This has been challenging work but it is well worth the effort. They are already beginning to question what they are writing and are starting to refer to their planning much more frequently.

In science we have designed an experiment based on our new knowledge base regarding the circulatory system which we will conduct next week. The PE morning at Wallingford school was a great success in which the children were very well mannered indeed.

A shorter blog this week due to time constraints.

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