Week 4 (27/9/19)

In English this week we continued to write a description of the city. We all had feedback on our work and we tried to edit and improve our writing. Throughout the writing we tried hard to use imaginative adjectives and we identified the subject and verb in our sentences. We then started to look at nouns and the different categories – proper, common, abstract and collective. We will be continuing to work on this over the coming weeks. In reading, we have been thinking about how the mood of the girl in the story changed from the start of the book to where she has the acorns in the bag. We have all been keen to find out what she will do with the acorns!

In maths we have been representing numbers in different ways using our knowledge of place value. Towards the end of the week we started to order and compare 4 digit numbers. During our fluency sessions we have continued to recap pairs of numbers to 100 as well as multiples of 50 that add together to make 1000 e.g. 350 + ? = 1000. We have also started to look at strategies that we can use to solve subtraction calculations so that we do not always use column subtraction.

During our history lesson this week we finished off our work on everyday life in the Mayan Civilisation. We found out that the Maya loved chocolate and we learnt how they made their famous chocolate drink. We also started to learn about the importance of religion to the Maya. We discovered that the Maya believed in over 30 gods but the most important ones were the god who created humankind and the nature gods. We realised that the nature gods were so important because the survival of the Maya relied so heavily on their farming.

Hopefully the children are now settling into a routine with their home learning. All children have been reissued with their log in details for Times Table Rockstar. Please let me know any problems with the homework.

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