Week 4 (29/11/19)

This week in our English lessons we have watched the short story clip of ‘Sprout Boy’, the little sprout who just wants to find someone to share Christmas with. Using pictures, we had a go at retelling the Sprout boy story. We had to make sure we used conjunctions to join the ideas in our sentences together. On Thursday we then discovered that Sprout Boy was, in fact, a superhero – Super sprout! We have started our writing journey by writing character descriptions of Super sprout. We thought about his appearance, what he was like and what he does.

In maths we have been looking at multiplication. We know that multiplication calculations are commutative, so 6×2=2×6. We had to work out whether different pairs of multiplications were commutative and prove it by drawing arrays. We have been focussing on ‘One thing, many ways’. We had to try and represent the calculation 2×6 in as many different ways as we could. This included representing it by using arrays, part-whole models, bar models, number lines, other pictorial representations and repeated addition.

 We have also been really busy rehearsing for our Christmas play. Thank you to everyone who has helped by practising lines at home. The children have done an amazing job of learning their lines as well as all the words to the songs. Thank you also for all the costumes you have provided.

In our art lessons we have created some lovely wintery art involving polar bears and lots of chalky snow. Sorry if we were a bit messy but we had lots of fun!

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