Week 4 (29/11/19)

This week in English and reading we have continued to read ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’. We have recapped how we can use adjectives in our writing as well as moving on to thinking about adverbs and the adverb questions. We have experimented with writing sentences that include and adverb. Later in the week, we began to look at how sentences can be reordered so that the adverb is first creating a fronted adverbial. E.g. ‘Lila quickly ran up the mountain’ can be changed to ‘Quickly, Lila ran up the mountain’. Next week we will be starting to think about planning our own adventure stories. In reading, we have been continuing to answer literal ‘who’ and ‘what’ questions.

In Maths this week we completed our work on formal column addition with exchange. We then moved on and started to explore column subtraction. Initially, we have been doing this without exchange and next week we will be learning how to exchange numbers.

We have had a busy week with rehearsals for the Christmas play and we will continue with this next week. The children all know their lines – thank you for your support with this. Please can costumes now start to be brought into school in a named bag? If there are any difficulties putting costumes together, please let me know as soon as possible and we will try to help!

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