Week 4 (31/1/20)

This week we have been planning and writing persuasive letters. We thought about all the different jobs children had to do in the Victorian times and how dangerous they were. We then wrote a letter to a member of the government to persuade him to stop children from having to go to work. We had to try and start our sentences using adjective and adverb questions, use a good range of conjunctions and include powerful adjectives to help persuade.

In our grammar session we have been finding out all about nouns. We learnt that a way to check if a word is a noun is if we can put the word ‘a’ or ‘the’ in front of it. We also had a go at sorting nouns into groups, depending on whether they were ‘people’, ‘places’ or ‘things’.


In maths we have continued to learn about fractions. This week we have focussed on quarters, thirds and unit fractions (where the numerator is 1). We have remembered that a quarter is one of 4 equal parts and a third is one of 3 equal parts. We had to look at shapes and amounts and identify what fraction was shaded or grouped.


Thank you very much for the baby photos that have come in so far. We are looking forward to guessing who they are as part of our science unit on ‘Animals including humans.’ When looking at them we are going to be thinking about the questions ‘How have we changed since we were babies?’ This will involve thinking about how we have changed to look at and the things that we are now able to do that we couldn’t do when we were babies. We are also planning an investigation to answer the question ‘Can we do things faster when we are older?’ We are going to be carrying out this investigation with the help of some year 6 children to see if they are quicker at doing certain activities than us.

During our P.E session this week we have played games which involve marking and defending. We had another go at playing ‘Dragons and egg snatchers’, where the dragons had to defend their eggs (coloured balls) by marking the hoop containing the eggs, whilst the egg snatchers used some great footwork to get round the dragons and take the eggs.

Have a great weekend,

From the Class Two Team



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