Week 4 (31/1/20)

We have been working on our problem solving in maths this week. We are working hard to solve multiplication and division word problems based on our times tables. We have also had a times table  test so all children should know their next steps for which ones they need to learn. If you are able to spend some time at home practising these that would be great. Don’t forget they should all have times table rock stars log ins – please come and ask if you don’t have yours. We will be starting to use our times table knowledge to help us to multiply and divide 2 digit numbers so the more confident they are with recall of times table facts, the easier they will find the work.

In English we have been practising using conjunctions to link clauses together, making sure we pick the conjunction that is most suited and makes the most sense.

In topic we have started to find out about the landscape in Mondana, a village in Ecuador. We have watched some videos to see what it might be like to live there and spent time looking at the similarities and differences between the landscape in Crowmarsh and Mondana. We drew pictures of Mondana and focused on the physical features we could see which would influence the way people live.

We have been trying out different rolls in our gymnastics lessons and will start to put these together with our balances, travelling and shapes to make a sequence.

In Science we looked at the results of our celery stick in red dye experiment.  The stem contains tubes called xylem we discussed how it is their job to carry water up to the leaves and flowers. This is how part of the celery had started to change colour.

In RE we looked at Shabbat being an important day that Jewish people look forward to all week.

Next week we will be sending out some times table homework based on the test we carried out earlier this week. If you child learns a new times tables then can come to use and get tested in class the we can tell them which they need to work on next and change their homework task accordingly. We are also sending home some reading on our topic rainforests for you to share with your child. Children will have a home learning book which will have their weekly tasks in. It will be sent home on a Friday and will need to come back into school the following Thursday.


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