Week 4 (31/1/20)

We started the week erupting the volcanoes the children created last week. We talked about the Bicarbonate of Soda and vinegar creating a reaction, “it made lots of bubbles”. It was very exciting!

On Monday afternoon the children watched a light show about the story of Chinese New Year. We talked about how the years were named after animals. The children talked about what happened at the beginning/ middle/ end of the story. You could talk to your child at home about this story.  During hall time, the children used material, ribbons and musical instruments to dragon dance. There are photographs on the wall in our classroom, feel free to come and have a look! During independent Learning time the children have been creating Chinese lanterns and serving each other in the Chinese Restaurant, as well as taking orders on the phone.

In Maths, the children have been learning to take away and learning different language for take away such as ‘minus, subtract, take…from…’. This week the children have a ‘10 frame’ in their book bag we use this in school to help us count. There are some suggestions of how you can use it at home to help them with their subtraction. You can also help by talking about everyday subtraction. “We had five biscuits on that plate you have eaten…how many do we have left?”.

In Phonics, the children have been introduced to the tricky word my and the digraphs ‘ai’, ‘ee’.  We are finding the graphemes th, ch, sh, ng tricky to remember so we have been practising reading these in words and in sentences. You can help your child at home by playing games with their new flashcards. If you are missing any please do let us know.

We are now using the hall each Tuesday morning. Please ensure your child has a P.E kit in school for use each Tuesday.  Please can I remind you to write in your child’s reading record after you have shared their school book.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Zimmerman

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