Week 5 (03/07/17)

We had some good news this week! We found out that our class were runners up in the 5 Days Wild Challenge.


BBOWT were overwhelmed with the number of entries and the amount of effort our class put into the challenge, and said our scrapbook was truly delightful. Although our class was not one of the two winners we received a runner up certificate and a 5 Days Wild badge for everyone.


So I’d like to say a big well done to Class One, their work was really lovely. We had fun and learnt lots too. Hopefully everyone will take part again next year.


On Wednesday everyone was excited before and exhausted after taking part in Sports Day. Well done everyone for not giving up in the heat.

In maths lessons we have been doing some speed tasks to see if we can complete 60 addition calculations in less than 10 minutes. Lots of us can. 

We have moved on with our new topic, Houses and Homes. We have been discussing different kinds of homes, the building materials and their features. In our English lessons we have been writing about our homes and using wow words ( adjectives ) to describe features of our bedrooms.

We have made a big class model of a tower block with eight floors and lots of windows. We have also made a model of a row of terrace houses and we painted them ice-cream colours like seaside houses.

On  Monday 10th July, we will be doing a local history walk around Crowmarsh with our local historian extraordinaire, Mr Nigel Hannigan! We will be exploring the different homes and other significant buildings in the village.

There is a chance of a shower so make sure your child has a rain jacket. Thanks so much.


Mrs Nixon

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