Week 5 (1/7/19)

This week in English, we continued to look at the story of Wild. We broke the story up into the introduction, the build-up, the problem, the resolution and the ending. We then thought about what happened during each stage and how the main character was feeling. We then started to rewrite the story of ‘Wild’ in our own words. We started by looking at a ‘Waboll’ (what a bad one looks like) and deciding why it wasn’t a good piece of writing. We then came up with our success criteria, deciding on all the things we needed to do to make our writing really good. We decided that we needed to include lots of interesting adjectives, write in first person and start our sentences in different ways, using the adverb and adjective questions.  We then did a ‘shared write’ of the introduction, during which we all came up with some fantastic ideas. We were allowed to magpie some of the ideas for our writing but had to include ideas of our own as well.

In maths, we have been interpreting block graphs and answering questions about them, such as ‘How many fewer people voted for tennis than football?’ We looked at a variety of different block graphs, where one block represented 2, 5 or 10 different things. We had to make sure we looked at the scale really carefully. Towards the end of the week we looked at a block graph and used the information on it to draw the correct number of animals in different zoo enclosures. Today we had to use our drawings to create our own block graphs.

This afternoon we had the pleasure of watching Class 6’s play, which was based on the book ‘The daughter of the sea’ by Berlie Doherty. The children acted superbly and we all really enjoyed watching it.

Have a great weekend,

The Class Two Team

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