Week 5 20/5/19)

Having completed our superhero stories, we used the feedback we’ve been given to write a next step for ourselves.  In order to action our next steps and improve even further, this week we have started writing a new story entitled ‘The Day I woke up with Superpowers!’. We are using the same success criteria as last week but this time we have to write in the 1st person as well.

In maths, we have been learning about capacity.  After estimating which containers would hold the most and which would hold the least liquid, we measured their capacity then checked how accurate our estimates had been.  We realised that it is not always the tallest container that holds the most – it depends on the other dimensions of the container too.  Later in the week, we used our knowledge about capacity to solve a range of different problems.

On Friday, to celebrate the end of our superhero topic and the end of SATs (even though the children didn’t really know they were doing tests!), we held a superhero day.  The children wore masks, created capes and shields and watched a superhero film. We have been really impressed with how hard they have all worked this term.

Please check your child’s book bag for the half term homework which is related to our habitats work in science.

Have a great half term.  We hope the children (and parents!) enjoy some well-earned rest.

From the Class Two Team

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