Week 5 (20/5/19)


During the week, we have been looking at data handling in statistics. We have been learning how to collect data efficiently and place it into tables. From these tables, we have been learning how to draw line graphs and present our data, both in our books and using Microsoft Excel. As a result, we have been able to ask questions and draw conclusions about what the data is showing.

This has tied nicely into our PE lessons, where we have been learning how to run the relay race and perform quick and efficient changeovers. Since we have learnt how to do this, we have used these skills as the basis for our data collection questions to judge our overall performance.

Bar modelling has been an important part of the week, with the addition of some challenging word problems to our fluency sessions. We have successfully managed to use the bar model to answer these questions to find the smallest units.


As we have come to the end of our first Greek myth, the children have been working on their specific targets. We have been looking at individuals work on the visualiser and helping each other to see where improvements can be made, whilst also learning from what they have done well.



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