Week 5 (22/05/17)

At the moment we are making Fact-files about Animals.

We are learning about Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, Fish, Amphibians and Insects. Last week we learnt about mammals and reptiles, thinking about the similarities and differences. For example, are they cold or warm-blooded or do they lay eggs or have live young?

This week our focus has been birds and fish. Do they have feathers or scales and can they fly or swim?

We went on a bird-spotting walk to Crowmarsh Rec to see which common British birds we could see. I think we managed to see 10 out of 12 birds on the spot-it sheet.

Today we have been learning about fish and how to draw them.

We still need to cover Amphibians and Insects, so if you have any books about these at home bring them in to share in class.

Homework task: Draw and colour a fish and write some facts.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the good weather.

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