Week 5 (25/03/19)


The descriptive work is well under way with some lovely results starting to emerge. It has been tough, which is good because it means we are firmly in the learning zone. It’s interesting talking to the children because one of the hardest things they are finding is writing to a more prescriptive task rather than being given free rein to write about anything they like.


This week we have pushed quite deeply into area, especially finding the area of triangles and other quadrilaterals. We have also been investigating the fact that shapes are all compounds of some sort e.g. a parallelogram is a rectangle with adjoined identical triangles, which hints at a useful mechanism for calculating area. Next week we will forge ahead into volume.

Meanwhile the arithmetic is going extremely well. Confidence is up, mistakes are down and we are able to focus on some very specific areas, which today was division.


Today we learnt about the phases of the moon and why we always its same face. It’s fairly straight forward to explain up front but much harder to explain clearly in written for. That’s a job for next week. In the meantime, keep your eyes to the sky and see if your children can begin to explain the changing phases of the moon over the next couple of weeks.

Cultural Reference Point Friday

It’s still the 60’s.

Last week we studied a little of the Vietnam War and how that had influenced the music of the time. This week, we looked at the emergence of the Peace movement as a counter culture, leading to Woodstock. From this – Jimmi Hendrix.  Outstanding finish to the week.

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