Week 5 (30/01/17)

This week we have been continuing to find out about life in the Victorian times. We have been finding out all about Victorian homes and how they were different to ours. We’ve discovered that people used to fill the bath with water from a kettle and that they had to use it one by one. We also found out that most toilets were in the backyard or garden, so they were very chilly in winter! In English we have written our own non-chronological reports about what it was like inside a Victorian home. We have focussed on cooking, washing, bathing and entertainment. First we looked at the features of non-chronological reports, then we made notes under the 4 headings above and then we wrote our own reports using the notes. We’ve written some really interesting things.

In maths we have been finding out about fractions of numbers/amounts. We have been using cubes to find ¼ s, ½ s, 1/3 s and 1/5 s of different amounts. We know that to find a fraction of an amount we have to divide the amount by the denominator, so ¼ of 12 = 12 ÷ 4 = 3. We have worked out calculations like this, using apparatus, drawings and the bar model.

Have a good weekend,

Mrs Marsh, Mrs Lucas & Mrs Scott

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