Week 5 (4/10/19)


In English, the children have been writing up their setting descriptions and learning to thoroughly edit and check their sentences for accurate punctuation and grammar. We have also been learning some key comprehension skills, such as finding the key words in texts and identifying non-literal and literal questions.


Addition and subtraction strategies have been the key focus of our fluency lessons this week. In our concept lessons, we have been learning to draw accurate number lines and compare and ordering numbers with increasingly larger values. We have also touched upon negative numbers and their purpose and application.


The class have been looking at the local area and devising investigations to carry out over the coming weeks. We have some interesting questions, such as how the river is used to what types of foods are sold in Wallingford and Crowmarsh. Over the coming weeks, I will be asking for parent helpers to come and support the class’ learning with a trip to Wallingford to collect data.


At present, the children must practise their times tables, and therefore have no other homework so they can focus on this important task. The children are aware that if they do not use this time to practice and improve, they will have more home learning to do than most as times table must be secure in Year 5.


The children are correctly underway with their clarinets lessons and will soon be bringing their clarinets home to practice. They are learning how to put the clarinets together in class, but they will soon have logins to the charanga website, which will have links to videos showing them how to do it at home.

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