Week 5 (4/10/19)

In maths we have taken some fairly basic concepts to a much deeper level. The emphasis continues to be on process, as different methods are examined, tested and refined. The efficiency of each is slowly becoming clearer, as they are applied to different problems and compared against each other. As a result, arithmetic skills are beginning to look sharper. We will be able to move into multiplication techniques next week which will soon evolve into division, thanks to the strong start they have been given by Mr Morton.

The English is developing well in a similar way. The new composition is based on our studies of WWI, allowing us to get a little deeper into the topic. There are a couple of main focuses. The first is that of structure, seeing how the plan can be quickly developed, and how in doing so, the introduction begins to swim off the page. The second is that of inference. By identifying the literal aspects of the historical sources, we are able to apply our deepening reading skills of inference to develop each paragraph. In doing so, the writing contains more analysis making it more sophisticated than a simple list of key points.

In science we have managed to conduct our first experiment and have analysed it to establish ways to improve. We are now looking forward to redeveloping and extending the experiment to involve the Year 3 class. This is an ideal opportunity to deepen understanding by trying to explain it to others.

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