Week 6 (14/2/20)

This week we have been writing poems set in Victorian times.  We shared a poem called ‘The Chimney Sweep’s Story’ by Wes Magee, looking particularly at the structure of the verses and the poet’s vocabulary choices.  After that we brainstormed ideas for our own poems set in other Victorian workplaces – either a coal mine or factory – thinking about what we might see, hear, smell or feel.  We then wrote our poems using the same structure as the original.

In maths we have been revising strategies for solving addition reasoning problems.  We have used partitioning, drawing tens and ones, and drawing number lines to help us.  It has also been helpful to draw a bar model to represent the problem and to read the question carefully in order to work out what calculation is needed.

Our investigations in science this week were: Can the person with the longest arms throw the furthest? Can the person with the longest legs jump the furthest? Can the tallest person reach the highest? Ask us what we did to find the answer to each question.

In music we listened to two pieces of music (‘Nimrod’ and ‘Pomp and Circumstance’) by Edward Elgar, a Victorian composer, and compared them.  We drew or wrote what the pieces of music made us think of or feel, then we watched a video of an orchestra performing one of the pieces so that we could see the range of instruments involved.

Tuesday was internet safety day, so we have been thinking in collective worship and in our ICT lesson about how to stay safe when using the internet.  We know that we must never share our personal information online and that we must always speak to an adult if we are worried or unsure about something when using the internet.  Please read and sign the internet code of conduct which was sent home this week and return it to school as soon as possible.

Have a great half term break,

From the Class Two Team

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