Week 6 (8/10/18)

The week began with us listening to a story by Martin Waddell “Farmer Duck”. We looked at the front cover and tried to predict what the story might be about. We then discussed the meaning of “A plan” which resulted in lots of great imaginative ideas.

On Tuesday’s PE session we used the book Farmer Duck to re-enact parts of the story depicting duck’s emotions using body posture, Happy, sad, cross, tired and thoughtful.

On Thursday Mr Morton practised ball catching skills and great fun was had by all. It was far harder than we expected it to be!!

Maths has been all about counting this week. 1-10 and then 10-20.

The children have been using various resources to aid counting from a larger group and knowing when to stop when a given number has been reached, naming each number as we say and touch each object rather than rote counting. (They have a tendency to race ahead and don’t stop at the given number.)

Please could you continue to support your child with their reading and writing in the reading record diaries.

Lots of counting of objects from a larger group of objects would also help your children. Eg beads, buttons, cutlery, crayons or see if they could find 16 silver things in the house?

Continue to check & Treat hair for head lice. Have a lovely weekend.

Thank you from Class R staff Team.

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