Week 6 (8/7/19)

We started our short week with an RE day on Tuesday.  Our focus was ‘Creation’ and we learned about the different beliefs people have regarding this.  First we shared the creation story from the Bible and discussed what Christians and Jews believe about creation.  We then thought about a scientific theory about creation, thinking about the Big Bang.  Later we discovered what the Aboriginal people of Australia believe and discovered that they tell lots of different stories about how life on Earth began – they call this Dreamtime.  We shared one of these stories, ‘The Rainbow Serpent’, and created our own aboriginal inspired artwork based on it.  Come and see our pictures on the classroom wall.  Our big question throughout the day was ‘Does a person’s belief about creation affect how they treat the world?’

In maths this week we have been doing investigations.  One of them involved building Lego walls where each block size represented a different amount – we had to build walls with certain totals and find different ways of doing this.

In English, we finished writing our versions of the ‘Wild’ from the main character’s viewpoint.  We were careful to write in the first person and checked our work regularly to ensure that we had included enough information for the reader.

Our science work has involved looking at the differences in micro-habitats for different minibeasts.  Ask us what we discovered.

Have a great weekend,

From the Class Two Team

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