Week 7 (18/10/19)


Apologies for the missed blog last week. I had to take the day off unexpectedly.


It’s been a good couple of weeks. We are still sticking with the four functions but the focus is always one of efficiency and accuracy. We are constantly trying new techniques, testing them, applying them and re-evaluating them. Along the way, we are making some important links between different strategies helping to create more joined up learning. This week we have begun to investigate division. Rather than looking at the formal methods, we have begun to investigate how the basic Year 6 skills of doubling and tables can be used to solve the problem. In a similar way, we have begun to use factors to simplify the calculation. Both of these strategies require more ‘maths’ thinking than just following a standard routine.


The most recent composition has drawn to a close today. Across the last week or so we have been intensively dissecting the work in feedback groups and focusing on edits based on new learning targets. The results are fantastic with some really mature sounding work. Best of all though, there is lots of evidence of learning with the children taking a really active role in improving not only their own work, but helping those around them. It has been a lovely atmosphere to be immersed in.


Another area that might be of interest to you is RE in which we have asked a really big question: Do religious people lead better lives than others? We have had some really interesting conversations with plenty of ‘tooing’ and ‘froing’ as opinions to do with what actually makes a good life are challenged. Really interesting stuff.




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