Week 8 (24/10/19)

This week we have continued to learn about the Great Fire of London.  We found out that although the fire started in a bakery in Pudding Lane, there were several reasons why the fire spread so fast and became such a huge disaster.  Ask us what caused the fire to be so severe. 

On Monday afternoon we re-enacted the fire in the outdoor area, with some of us pretending to be buildings, some of us being fire wardens, some of us being gun powder, some of us being flames and some of us being the wind!  We also used props to pretend that we were pulling down the buildings with fire hooks.

Back in the classroom we looked at some extracts from Samuel Pepys’ diary and discussed why they are so important in telling us what it was really like during the Fire of London.  We brainstormed all the different things people might have seen, heard, smelt and felt if they were there at the time.

In maths this week we have been learning about subtraction. We have been practising taking a one digit number away from a 2-digit number. We looked at calculations such as 23 – 7 and worked out that to subtract the 7, we first needed to exchange one of the tens for ten ones. We practised doing this with concrete apparatus and then had a go at drawing what we had done.

In art we used black paper to create buildings to stick onto the fiery backgrounds we created last week.

In ICT we worked hard to program a screen turtle to draw a square or rectangle. We then had to create a picture using squares and triangles.

Homework – Your child will have come home with a homework menu in their book bag. Please ask your child to choose a task to complete over the half term and bring it in during the first week back.

Have a lovely half-term,

Mrs Marsh, Mrs Lucas, Mrs Beckett and Class 2


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