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Chair's Welcome

Chair's Welcome

Welcome to Crowmarsh Gifford C.E. Primary School. Both Angus Brettell and Tim Crossingham have recently been elected as Co-Chairs of Crowmarsh Gifford School Governors.

We have both been Governors for a short period of time, however during this time we have been able to see how passionate and driven the staff are in helping the pupils achieve their full potential. We are looking forward to working with all staff, parents, children and fellow Governors to support, challenge and improve the school.

Successful primary school education provides the basic building blocks for further growth and development in secondary and higher education. We aspire for the children to have kindness, resilience, integrity, courage and curiosity as these are the core values that develop a well-rounded pupil and equip them for life.

We are both excited to work with our community at Crowmarsh Gifford Primary School, by helping to shape the future of the school and to further enhance its reputation. Our school is a ‘good’ school, as rated by Ofsted in 2017, but we believe that ‘better never stops’ and strive to continue to work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the school’s developmental journey goes from strength to strength.

If any parents see us on site please come and introduce yourselves. We will always try to answer any questions you may have and would welcome any feedback.

Angus Brettell & Tim Crossingham

Co-Chair of Governors – Crowmarsh Gifford Church of England Primary School