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Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Everything we do as a school is underpinned by our five core Christian values; kindness, resilience, integrity, courage and curiosity. 

We encourage and value close links with parents and carers who are at all times most welcome to come and take an interest and support our  school.

The children and staff have recently adopted, “Let Your Light Shine…” taken from Matthew 5:16, as our central theme that runs through everything our school stands for.  We want to nurture every child’s ‘light’ – helping them to shine brightly for everyone around them.  

We believe:

  • As Spencer and Juliani state in their book Empower, “Our job is not to prepare students for something; our job is to help students prepare themselves for anything.”
  • Learning is an exciting journey and we should seek knowledge always!
  • That with a growth mindset, we can all achieve above and beyond anyone’s expectations.
  • That we are all different and that is what makes us unique and exceptional.
  • Cultural and religious diversity should be celebrated and we should always take a keen interest in the world around us.
  • That modelling our five core Christian values and having impeccable manners will help us stand out from the rest.
  • That we learn best from our mistakes and that being a ‘purple learner’ helps us build resilience or what we often refer to as ‘bounce-back-ability’, tenacity, perseverance and grit.
  • That stepping out of our comfort zone often brings incredible opportunities and experiences!

The school governors, most of whom know the school as parents, share responsibility for the school, provide links with parents and the local community, and support the staff and pupils.  We are proud of the achievements of the school and its pupils.

At Crowmarsh Primary School we are committed to excellence and ensuring a safe and secure environment for our school community. Our aim is to prepare all of our children to be independent and confident individuals of modern Britain; becoming responsible citizens who make positive contributions to society.  Fundamental British values are taught through our rich and creative curriculum that pupils take part in.  Please click below to see how British Values are developed and the opportunities we provide our children with to learn all about them.

British Values

Please click below to see the highlights of our school Vision that has helped develop the School Development Plan. This was created in consultation with all stakeholders.


During an annual parent, staff and governor meeting, we all thought about the key skills and traits that we would like our year 6 pupils to have when they transition to secondary.  The key words are shown below.  Our aim is to create well-rounded children, ready to succeed in the 21st century.

Year 6 Pupils - 2016
Our Year 6 Pupils

We asked our year 6 class to write down some key things they felt they had improved upon academically.  We also asked them to reflect upon what has helped them to improve; what has helped them to make these improvements and further, what we can do to improve.  Reading through these pieces, it is evident how much progress our year 6 children actually make.  Their comments are so mature, well articulated and thoroughly reflective.  The final question they were asked is: “In one word, what has Crowmarsh School given you?”  Here are the results:

Compared against what parents, governors and staff had hoped for in our children when they leave year 6 (See image above), it is clear that Crowmarsh Gifford Church of England Primary School is definitely on the right path!